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  • International business products company achieves $70 million in cost savings through restructuring under the guidance of Chrysalis Consulting
  • Chrysalis Consulting helps transform a high-tech R&D organization into an innovative market leader

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Why organizational development consulting?

The goal of organizational development is sustained performance improvement of an organization while enriching the lives of its members.

Organizations that invest internally in their resources, structures and strategies are agile organizations that are better equipped to compete and win in today’s global economy. Organizational development professionals recognize that change is nOperational Management Consultingot isolated. Change ripples. And the effects of even minor decisions can be unexpected and profound. Organizational development consultants analyze an organization systemically, recognizing that all change—positive or negative, and regardless of its source—can resound throughout an organization. It may result in unanticipated consequences—both beneficial and detrimental—and is seldom limited to the piece of the business in which the change originated. This systemic perspective goes beyond typical corporate consulting to recognize and address significant opportunities and challenges that better position your organization for growth and success.

To understand your organization as a system is to understand what it truly takes to win. Find out how.