Chrysalis Consulting, Denver, CO, Transforming Organizations

Client Success Stories

Chrysalis Consulting has helped numerous clients across several industries achieve their goals through organizational development practices. Below, you’ll find synopses of some of our recent engagements.

Organization Design

A multi-billion dollar business products company had grown rapidly through numerous acquisitions. When profit levels began to slow, the organization decided to streamline and centralize operations to reduce costs. Chrysalis Consulting managed a strategic initiative for the company that restructured all of the company’s business organizations and field operations. The initiative achieved projected cost savings of $35 million per year within the first two years.

Culture Transformation

The new vice president of a high-tech engineering research and development organization needed his group of engineers to become more innovative and less risk-averse in order to grow its share of a highly competitive and shrinking market. Using proven tools and methods customized specifically for the organization, Chrysalis Consulting performed a culture assessment to identify the type and degree of change needed, and developed an ongoing plan designed to deliver long-lasting culture change. The organization saw immediate improvement in cross-functional collaboration and a 25% improvement in employee enthusiasm and commitment in subsequent employee survey scores.

Organizational Development/Strategy

A business-to-business (B2B) company with operations in 28 states was concerned about how it would achieve Sarbanes-Oxley compliance by 2006. Multiple groups within the company performed the same processes in multiple ways without written standards or documentation to govern many of their transactions. Chrysalis Consulting performed an organizational assessment to determine how the multiple processes and departments converged and could affect Sarbanes-Oxley preparation efforts. Chrysalis Consulting then recommended and designed new functions that were designed to enable the client organization to create and manage standardized process flows, reduce the time and money spent on IT requirements development, enable a continuous improvement methodology to identify areas for cross-functional improvement, enable customer-loyalty initiatives and ensure ongoing Sarbanes-Oxley attestation. Upon board approval and funding, Chrysalis Consulting was also engaged to recruit, staff and train team members in this new continuous improvement organization.

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