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Custom Research and Analysis Services

Chrysalis Consulting provides Custom Research Services tailored to the needs of clients. These custom products and solutions vary widely according to our clients needs, from small targeted tasks to broader strategic reports which incorporate a range of other Chyrsalis Services. Here are a few examples of Custom Research projects Chrysalis Consulting has provided:

  • Industry Best Practices Reports
  • Competitor Organizational Structure
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Industry and Competitor Benchmarks
  • Competitor Profiles
  • Business Plan Financials
    • Custom Financials
    • Critical Analysis of Existing Financials
  • Cash Flow Analysis
    • Current Financials
    • Pro-forma
  • Comparative Performance and Benchmarking
    • Competitive Financal Profiles
    • Key Performance Indicators
    • Best Practices
    • Industry and Competitor Benchmarks
    • Performance Ratio Comparisons


Additional Services