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Organizational Effectiveness Services

Organizational Strategy Alignment

Of course your organization has a strategy but do your people understand it and know how to execute on it?  A strategy alone is useless if your people don’t know how their actions enable or hinder strategic achievement. Without clear strategic alignment from the top down, your organization is probably not meeting its goals. Chrysalis Consulting can help you bridge the gap between your strategy and your organization’s reality with our strategic alignment services to ensure that all your resources and efforts seamlessly link to support your strategy.

Leadership Development

The challenges organizations face today are intense, constantly changing and unlike any we’ve experienced before. Challenges like these require new types of leaders with skills that blend a mastery of management competencies with a deep understanding of the underlying habits of thought that may keep us from being effective.  Our leadership development courses are customized to provide a blend of the right focus on core competencies, leadership communication skills and personal insights necessary to develop your current and next-generation leaders to ensure sustained business growth. Contact us today to learn about our half-day, full-day and multi-day leadership workshops.

Cultural Change

Various events prompt leaders to undertake cultural change initiativeAssisting with company cultural changes. Mergers and acquisitions can leave a company wondering how to combine two existing cultures into one new cohesive and effective organization, increased competition may require a company to adopt a culture that is more tolerant of risk than it had previously been used to and sometimes, organizations are just not meeting goals are in need of a new way of operating. Whatever the challenge surrounding your organization’s culture, Chrysalis Consulting uses proven tools and methods to help clients get a quick read on their cultures, pinpoint areas for change, and offer specific steps to transform the culture in which they merely operate into a culture in which they—management and employees alike—thrive.

Organization Design 

Are all parts of your organization optimally designed to support your strategy?  Is your organization agile enough to adapt to changing business conditions? An organization’s structure is a crucial tool that can support or impede growth plans.  While a traditional, “functional” business structure may be appropriate for some companies, a “product-focused” or “customer-focused” model might be a better match for others.  Chrysalis Consulting helps companies identify and implement overall organizational structure and individual department structures that will best position them to reach their operational and financial goals.

Organizational Change ManagementChange Management Company

Transformational change impacts every facet of an organization often requiring development of new core values and a different approach to managing employees, stakeholders and customer relationship management. True and lasting change requires thought, commitment, consistency and new behaviors to steer an organization down the new path and keep it from slipping into “the way it’s always been.” Our Organizational Change Management services go beyond the cookbook approaches you’ve experienced before, to ensure you develop and implement lasting strategies to support your vision..

Performance Management Consulting

As human resource costs continue to rise, an increasing number of organizations understand the importance of establishing a comprehensive performance management program based on standard processes and objective data to inform their human resource decisions. Identifying and hiring the best people is not enough.  Successful organizations develop standard performance management processes and tools to retain and grow their people.  Chrysalis Consulting’s performance management training and consulting services are tailored to your business to ensure you retain the top talent you’ve invested in obtaining.

Additional Services