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Individual Effectiveness Services

The building blocks of any great company are its people. With recruiting, training and retention costs on the rise, an increasing number of organizations recognize the necessity of optimizing their investment in human resources. Chrysalis Consulting helps clients maximize the benefit of those investment dollars to maintain top talent through the following Individual Effectiveness Services:

Leadership Coaching

With increased global competition and the impending workforce shortage, organizations are beginning to recognize the need to retain and grow internal top talent with steady investment in their human resources. Chrysalis Consulting helps clients maximize the benefit of those investment dollars through our leadership coaching services. Our professional coaches help you understand the relationship between your actions and the internal assumptions that drive your behavior so you can identify and employ more effective ways of leading.  We are certified in several assessment tools including The Leadership Circle Profile, the first 360 assessment to combine management competencies with motivational theory to show what is working, what isnot and why. 

Workforce Assessments

You cannot change people, but you can provide them with the insight and motivation to help them change themselves.  We believe that people yearn to reach their potential and that given the right information and environment, they will maximize their performance to the benefit of themselves, their colleagues and the entire organization. Chrysalis Consulting provides a variety of workforce assessments that provide both objective data which can save your organization millions of dollars in bad hiring decisions as well as personal insights which can help motivate your employees to perform their best.  Some of the assessments we provide include:

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Success Insights Behavioral Profile (DISC)
  • The Leadership Circle 360o Leadership and Cultural Assessments
  • Denison Culture Survey
  • Predictive Index (PI)
  • BarOn Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQi)
  • Custom Developed Employee Feedback and Organizational Climate Surveys

Additional Services