Team Development and Alignment

Team Effectiveness Services

Team Development and Alignment

Great teams evolve over time. But the pace of today’s marketplace rarely gives teams the luxury of allowing trust, honesty, accountability and respect to develop over months and years. Our team leadership training services can accelerate corporate teambuilding efforts, improving communication skills and creating processes to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of high performance teams.

Meeting Design and Facilitation

Meetings are often a significant source of frustration rather than a tool for resolution. Often, meetings are disorganized, nothing gets accomplished and the same situation gets discussed repeatedly with no resolution in sight. Meetings do not need to be unproductive. Chrysalis Consulting can design and facilitate meetings for any number of participants—from 3 to 300—ensuring that the meetings flow smoothly and that they meet their stated objectives instead of derailing them.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is something that most people fear and most organizations strive to avoid. But when harnessed and managed properly, conflict can actually be an organization’s greatest source of innovation and its strongest tool for aligning different points of view. Chrysalis Consulting uses time-tested negotiation and mediation methods to transform internal conflict into competitive advantage.

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